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sanity is overrated
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28th-Mar-2023 03:05 am - Prompt Table
Table imported from fc_smorgasbord.

Fandoms: Supernatural, Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Merlin, Game of Thrones, Sense8, Formula 1 RPS, Hockey RPS, Football RPS, Original Universe

Buffet #1: 140 PromptsCollapse )
4th-Jan-2018 08:43 pm - Snippet: Godfather Part IV
Title: Godfather Part IV
Author: firetruckyouxx
Rating: G
Word Count: 542
Pairings, Characters: Ryan Blackburn, Charlie Blackburn, Renée Blackburn
Genre/Warnings: Fluff, Gen
Summary: “It's like the Godfather,” one commentator says. “The sequel is as great as the first one.”

Eat your feelings.Collapse )
Title: You Feel like the Ocean Being Warmed by the Sun
Author: firetruckyouxx
Rating: G
Word Count: 606
Pairings, Characters: Olivier Giroud/Antoine Griezmann
Genre/Warnings: Euros 2016, Fluff
Summary: He’s never seen a more beautiful image.

He beams at him like the sun.Collapse )
Title: You Make My Heart Beat like the Rain
Author: firetruckyouxx
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6842
Pairings, Characters: Marc-André ter Stegen/Rafael “Rafinha” Alcántara, Gerard Piqué, Sergi Roberto, Marc Bartra, Neymar, Dani Alves, Daniela Jehle, Marco Reus
Genre/Warnings: Alternate Universe - College/University, Pining, Fluff
Summary: “You're staring,” she informs him, amused.

They just weren't like that.Collapse )
18th-Jun-2016 12:38 am - Fic: All is Fair in Love and War
Title: All is Fair in Love and War
Author: firetruckyouxx
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 830
Pairings, Characters: Jerome Boateng/Robert Lewandowski
Genre/Warnings: Euros 2016
Summary: Just as Jerome’s walking up to Manuel, he catches Robert’s eye and smirks when Robert winks at him and mouths, “It was a foul.” What a complainer.

He's a complainer, but he's his complainerCollapse )
15th-Jul-2015 05:53 pm - Fic: Heavy on Your Love
Title: Heavy on Your Love
Author: firetruckyouxx
Rating: G
Word Count: 533
Pairings, Characters: Mario Götze/Marco Reus
Genre/Warnings: Fluff
Summary: Mario knows a lot of people call themselves Marco Reus’ number-one fan, but in truth, Mario is Marco’s number-one fan.

There was a distinct difference.Collapse )
Title: I Dreamt About You Nearly Every Night This Week
Author: firetruckyouxx
Rating: R
Word Count: 973
Pairings, Characters: Wolfgang Bogdanow/Will Gorski
Genre/Warnings: PWP
Summary: It’s a strange feeling, knowing someone’s body before you even speak more than two words to them.
Author's Note: What is this pairing omg.

He knows his body, not his name.Collapse )
11th-Jul-2015 01:39 am - Fic: Need to Grieve and Need to Need
Title: Need to Grieve and Need to Need
Author: firetruckyouxx
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 2117
Pairings, Characters: Lionel Messi/Neymar, Sergio Agüero, Dani Alves
Genre/Warnings: Angst
Summary: He turns on his phone, immediately bombarded with the expected and inevitably consolatory text messages, phone calls and emails. It reminds him a lot of the previous year, sitting on his hotel bed, staring at the names and not finding the one he desperately wants to see. He feels an immense amount of guilt that it’s not who it should be, who it’s supposed to be.
Author's Note: Sort of sequel to Fates Worse than Death.

It’s just like last year.Collapse )
17th-Mar-2015 11:31 pm - Fic: You Are My Sweetest Downfall
Title: You Are My Sweetest Downfall
Author: firetruckyouxx
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1324
Pairings, Characters: Lewis Hamilton/Nico Rosberg
Genre/Warnings: Angst
Summary: And the routine continues as Nico finishes a fucking second behind Lewis, but it’s still behind all the same, no matter if it was a mere millisecond or an eternity since both seem to last an equal amount of time.
Author's Note: Australian GP gave me hella feels.

He thinks about control and love.Collapse )
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